Your Success Depends on Marketing

Recently, one of my favorite coffee shops closed their doors. I was bummed because they had great natural lighting, breakfast, and one of the best latte’s in the area. Every time I would visit, I would share a picture on my Instagram and people would say, “Where is that? It’s so cute and looks good!” Without fail, I would tell them the name of the cafe and they would respond with, “I totally forgot about that place.”

That’s right, one of the best coffee shops in the area was forgotten about. Do you wonder why this is? I believe it may be that they only posted on their Facebook and Instagram every three months which didn’t compete against the many new coffee shops that have great content online. The sad part is, they had over 1,000 followers on each of those sites. They had access to market their products to over 2,000 people but didn’t want to invest in marketing. They wanted to spend the money towards other business needs.

In fact, there were many opportunities presented to them. They had many offers and students that wanted to help them for little to no cost. They were too worried to invest in their marketing.

This can be understandable. I have also talked to small business owners that say they don’t want marketing services because they are struggling to just pay rent. This is a valid case, but if you don’t invest in marketing you won’t have any rent to pay.

Our goal at Blossom is to help small businesses thrive. We have quality marketing for the lowest cost possible. Take your business to the next level and take advantage of your follower count. If you don’t have followers, check out why we think you should create accounts in this blog post.

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