Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media During COVID-19

There is much unknown in the world right now. We are in a pandemic that is sweeping our country by storm. Many small and large businesses have to close their doors and people are worried about their jobs. While some will pull the plug on marketing and are nervous to post the wrong thing on social media, we are here to say that marketing for your business is essential right now. Below are three reasons why your business needs to be active on social media during COVID-19.

1. Everyone is online

Media outlets are skyrocketing in the number of users on their websites and social media. People are constantly on their phones, especially on Facebook. Your audience is right where you need them to be. Social media traffic has increased at least 22% this quarter compared to Q4 in 2019. We are experiencing a jump in users who are looking to get information, stay connected, and find their social interaction.

2. Your followers need you

Everyone is looking for some normalcy and how their favorite organizations and groups are responding to this pandemic. Posting information that is relevant and eases the minds of your clientele is more important now than ever before. Ensure that your clients know that you are still there.

3. We will be back to normal

We aren’t sure when this will be, but we will one day return to normal. Right now is the perfect time to prepare and stay active. A lot of businesses are taking this time for working on a business growth plan and thinking of new ways to better themselves for the future. Don’t pull any plugs, but rather build your business and spend time building your brand.

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