Why You Should Have Social Media Ads This Holiday

When it comes to the big sale you are having for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, organic social media alone isn’t going to cut it. As always, we will tell you that organic social media is essential when building a brand reputation and reliability from users. You are building trust when you have a presence online. But, when you want to reach more than just your followers that’s where paid ads come in.

Paid ads include advertisements on any social media platform. Perhaps you have been on a website, and then you see an ad on your Facebook for the same site showing you a product you already viewed. That’s what we can do for you! We recommend starting with a budget of at least $500 a month for ad spend, but we know that you will see a return on your investment when you build a presence online.

Maybe you are scared to put money into ads, and that’s understandable. We believe that paying for quality marketing is an investment in your business and future. In today’s technology culture, if you don’t have a strong presence online, you will not be as successful as your active competitors.

Make the most out of holiday sales and reach those who are interested in your products and services. Start any social package with Blossom and get $100 in free ad spend today. Contact us for a free estimate.

Blossom Marketing is based out of Washington D.C. 
Blossom specializes in social media services, email marketing, SEO, social media ads, and much more. Please reach out to us at info@blossomdigital.com for more information.



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