What is Digital Marketing?

We live in a digital world and if you run a business, big or small, digital marketing is an essential part of your overall business strategy. But what is digital marketing exactly? We are here to help break it down!

Types of Digital Marketing

There are many types of digital marketing. Some of the main ones you may think of are social media marketing and email marketing. However, there are other types such as SEO, ads, and content marketing, and websites. All of these can, and should, work together to make a cohesive strategy. In a previous blog, we discussed key elements of these digital marketing strategies.

What is Needed for Successful Digital Marketing

While there are many factors to achieve digital marketing success we have decided to highlight four areas for you to consider when creating or updating your strategy. They are: defined goals, a target audience, engaging content, and optimizing for mobile. 

Defined goals for digital marketing are a must. They are the foundation for what you implement and how you do it. Be sure to keep your goals clear, concrete, and concise. Identifying your target audience is vital so that your content, emails, and ads reach the right people. In order to avoid wasting time and resources, it is best to fine-tune your target audience. Engaging content means that you are putting out content that is on-trend, targeted to your audience, and authentic to your brand. From blog posts to Instagram stories and everything in between, you want it to create connection and interest. Optimizing for mobile simply means that your website is available on mobile devices and is formatted in a way that makes a good impression. With most people viewing websites on their mobile devices, it is imperative that they have a user-friendly experience on your site.

Will Digital Marketing Work for Your Business?

Yes! Digital marketing works for businesses of all sizes, in any industry. The key is that your strategy is unique to your business. A major advantage of digital marketing is that it’s more cost-effective than traditional marketing because you can choose exactly how and where your money is spent by targeting content to the ideal audience.

Because smartphones, social media, and emails are part of the average person’s daily life, so is digital marketing. A helpful aspect of digital marketing is that its metrics can easily be measured. These metrics can then help you refine your strategy to make it more effective. In fact, we have many case studies to show what digital marketing with Blossom can do for your business. If you are looking to create or expand your digital marketing then please reach out to us for a free quote!

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