What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is made up of all the components in your marketing strategy: social media, SEO, email marketing, ads, and so on. When all of these work together they create a funnel.  The funnel is the journey your customers and/or clients travel through as they get to know your business and brand. While there are many variations of the funnel framework, a common one includes the following stages: awareness, consideration, action, engagement, and advocacy.


In this stage, your potential customer is discovering your business and brand. You want to offer solutions to problems, both business-related and general, in your content marketing. For example, earlier this month we posted a blog about our remote work must-haves. While this doesn’t relate directly to our marketing services, it does offer help to other people in remote work settings. It also allows people to get to know us as a company. Implementing an SEO strategy is another good way to create more awareness about your business.


When someone has moved on to consideration, they are looking for more specific information about your brand. Using targeted ads to interact with someone that has visited your website is an excellent way to provide more detailed information to someone already seeking it.


In the action phase, someone has made a purchase. This is exciting! You want to keep them in the loop and engaged with your brand by keeping them in the loop on updates, offering discounts, and recommending similar products that may interest them. Email marketing is an easy and effective way to do this.


In addition to email marketing, you want to have a social media presence and community that fosters loyal customers. By creating relevant content and engaging with followers on social media you create a customer experience that goes beyond simply purchasing an item. When people feel loyal to a brand instead of one product they are more likely to promote the brand and business in its entirety.


Advocacy happens when the customer has successfully made it through your funnel. An example of advocacy is when brands have specific hashtags that they encourage people to use when sharing an image of their product. This allows people to feel like they are part of a community and get the word out about your brand.

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