The Risks of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Isn’t it amazing how your favorite online platform seems to know you better than you know yourself? 

Think about it: how personalized can your online streaming service get when every recommendation it makes aligns with the shows you could be interested in?

Or, look at your social media feed. Isn’t it amazing how it’s always filled with content and ads that mirror your recent interests and preferences? 

Many people find it fascinating – creepy, even, that these platforms can “read” our minds with such accuracy. But the truth is, there’s no magic involved, only Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a business owner, you’ve probably been told by marketers to leverage AI to tailor your marketing strategies, your content, and even the way you run your business. After all, AI is so convenient, fast, and, above all, efficient. But is AI truly a one-stop solution for all your needs? 

The short answer, unfortunately, is no. And we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t throw all your eggs into the AI basket without a second thought. Here are the risks of using AI in digital marketing:

Risk #1: AI Could Affect Your SEO Efforts

By now, you’re probably already aware that Google (and many other search engines) uses AI to interpret user behavior and determine search rankings to deliver the most relevant results to your queries. 

But here’s the catch: rely too heavily on AI for your content, and you risk angering the search gods. The result? A dip in rankings! 

Just because Google uses AI doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use AI indiscriminately. Remember, AI and human search behavior are like two sides of a coin; they may coexist but don’t always align.

When it comes to SEO, your first order of business should always prioritize your human audience, and nothing does it better than a genuine human touch, which brings us to… 

Risk #2: Loss of Human Appeal in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Let’s be real: reading is a chore – and it gets even more tedious when the content is obviously churned out by a machine!

Seriously, who enjoys reading robotic, monotonous text that lacks flair and personality?

That’s AI, right there… missing the mark on human emotion and personality. And we’re willing to bet that your human readers can spot this a mile away. 

While it’s true that AI can complete tasks faster than any human could, it can never beat how humans can forge connections with their fellow humans. 

Risk #3: AI has Limited Content Variation

Creativity is the cornerstone of marketing. AI can mimic it but never fully master it. Why? 

AI can only generate content based on the patterns and information it has been trained on. In other words, it can only be as creative as the data it’s been fed. AI doesn’t possess the innate ability to think outside the box or think like a human could. 

Final Thoughts

The online world may have been swept by artificial intelligence, and we strongly feel that AI is here to stay – but this doesn’t mean you should fully embrace it. AI may be formidable, but your audiences – your human audiences – crave that connection only humans can provide. 

A word of advice? Use AI as a tool, but never let it overshadow the human element. After all, it’s the human touch that drives engagement and builds connections. 

We hope we were able to shed light on the risks involved in using AI. 

Do you have a burning question about digital marketing? Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you!

Thanks for reading!


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