The Importance of Posting on Social Media

Time and time again I hear people say that having active social media accounts isn’t important. This means that they don’t believe they should be posting on their accounts regularly.

When your social media accounts aren’t active, there are many assumptions that your clients can make about your business. The first thing your customers will think is that your business is closed. This means that they will not be contacting you or coming to your establishment.

A majority of Millennials will look up a business on social media to see exactly what they have to offer and if they have any specials. They will also go there to read reviews or see if any of their friends have “checked-in” there.

Since your customers check your page, if they see that you haven’t posted they will assume you have closed down. Even just two posts a week will keep your customers engaged and know you are still in operation.

Another reason you should be posting on your social media sites is for your SEO (search engine optimization). For example, we post on Dan & Leandra Wood, Realtors’s social media pages twice a week. Since we have done that, when you search their names on a search engine, you will see that their social media pages show as the first results.

When you post on a weekly basis, you are also keeping your name fresh in your customers’ minds. For example, if you are a bakery and you post every week and your customers are constantly seeing your name, they will remember you when they need to order their next cake.

Keeping your accounts up to date can be stressful and exhausting. One week you do well and post, and the next week you forget. When you hire someone to manage your accounts for you at a low cost, you will be sure to engage your customers and be present on their feeds and they’ll remember your business.

Social Media = Growth

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