3 Social Media Trends for 2021

2021 is here and it’s almost as if you can hear the entire world exhaling after such a turbulent, challenging, and difficult 2020. While we have a new number on the calendar, the effects of 2020 are still relevant and the impact of last year can be seen in the social media trends to watch for 2021. We have highlighted three major trends for this year here:

1. Nostalgia Marketing

Due to the on-going pandemic, there has been a rise in nostalgia on social media. People and brands are posting about the places they used to travel to, the events they used to attend, and so on. While everyone has been adapting to the “new normal” there has also been a desire to remember and share about pre-pandemic times. As a brand or organization, your consumers and clients may connect with you more if you are including some nostalgia in your social media strategy. The key is that you know your audience and brand best so you will need to discern which type of nostalgia to include in your social posts. Perhaps you are a brand with international ties so you share about the places you used to travel to in a more sentimental way, or perhaps your product is versatile and can be used in various contexts so you share jokes and funny content about what used to be done, pre-COVID. Or you may include a mix of emotional and humorous content because that would resonate the most with your audience. After you choose how to include nostalgia in your feed, don’t forget to interact with your audience on their own nostalgia-related posts.

2. Conversation Marketing

Conversation marketing goes hand in hand with nostalgia marketing in that knowing your audience is what will make this most effective. You once again need to decide if your conversations should be serious, funny, sentimental, or a mix of many different tones depending on the content. With more and more people on social media, seeking connection during this time of physical social distance, finding ways to connect with them digitally is essential. Review your current social media strategy and make sure that it includes and emphasizes the following:

  • conversational copy for your posts that people can respond to
  • like and reply to comments on your posts
  • like and comment on posts people share about your brand
  • like and comment on posts from your followers
  • use interactive features on social media stories

3. The Impact of Coronavirus

We know that COVID-19 has impacted life as we know it but what we don’t know is what the long-term effects of it will be on us as a society. Four key elements that people are connecting with and drawn to right now, and for the foreseeable future, due to the pandemic are community, compassion, cleanliness, and contactless. Including these themes in your social media calendars, in an authentic way for your brand, will allow you to connect with people in a meaningful way.

In 2021, the three main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) will be able to adapt to changes and trends the quickest because they are the largest. If you are not using one of these platforms we think it would be worth it to consider adding at least one to your social channels. That said, if you are able to engage, connect, and see results from platforms other than the big three listed here then we encourage you to continue fostering those relationships on those platforms this year. If you are looking for help with social media management contact us today for more information. Our team wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2021!

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