Personal Branding: What is it?

In the professional world, your personal brand can be one of the most important aspects of your career. It shows who you are as a person and your unique traits. How do you perform as an employee? What are your interests? These are all part of your personal brand.

We live in the digital age and it is easier now than ever to have a personal brand. With the help of LinkedIn and Facebook (yes, even Facebook), we can build our personal brand, but we need to make sure we are doing it the best way we can. Find out how to build your personal brand with these four steps.

1. Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile might seem like the easiest way to build your personal brand, but it is the one that takes the most thought. You need to make sure you don’t just have a profile, but that you have professional profile.

First of all, make sure that you have a professional picture. The one in your living room with your dog won’t do. In order to do this, you could hire a photographer or find someone to take a picture in your favorite suit coat with a white wall in the background. Also, don’t forget a banner picture. Something plain and simple is best for this. Canva is a great tool for creating banners.

Consistently posting on your profile is also important. Share articles about your industry and what interests not only you, but your connections. Are you passionate about marketing? Share articles and personal stories about your experience in the field.

2. Your Facebook

This is one that can often be overlooked. Facebook isn’t a professional network, but your page can be easily accessed by your future employers. Be careful about what you post because you are representing your company and most importantly, yourself.

3. Business Cards

One might think businesses cards are out of date, but I would disagree. I’ve had many clients ask me if I had a business card and if I had extra for them to give to others. Always give clients extra because they are more likely to give them to their contacts if you come up in conversation. Business cards can show your personality and fit easily in someone’s wallet.

4. Presentation

The way you present yourself, from your hair to your clothes, determine your personal brand. Someone in my professional network wears a similar outfit every time she speaks at an event or goes to a meeting. People remember her because she has a consistent and clean look. To me, she has deemed herself professional based on the way she presents herself.

What now?

Now you know what it takes to build your personal brand, take your next step by checking on your LinkedIn; you may not have logged in for months. Personal branding might help you land that next job. It shows employers who you are and who you want to be.

Blossom Marketing is based out of Washington D.C. 
Blossom specializes in social media services, email marketing, SEO, social media ads, and much more. Please reach out to us at info@blossomdigital.com for more information.



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