Increase Your Engagement Rate with These Three Tips

Have you ever heard of an “engagement rate”? It’s a term marketers and Facebook will throw around to measure how well a post performs. An engagement rate is the percentage of followers engage with your social media posts. For example, if I have 100 followers on Instagram and 5 of them liked or commented on my post, I had an engagement rate of 5%.

Now, how do we increase this number? ER’s can be frustrating when you have a large number of followers because many followers are not real accounts, inactive, or they’re simply not interested in your product or services.

While there is truth to the belief that increasing the number of followers you have increases your marketing, it is important to focus on who’s engaging and how to keep them engaged.

Here are three ways to increase the engagement rate on your page.

1. Have high-quality pictures

It’s true that an image is the first thing that catches the eye, not your caption or even the account posting. The image used will determine if someone is interested in your post and if they will continue to “like” or “comment”.

There are a number of ways to get nice pictures, but it is important to have quality pictures of your branding. iPhone pictures are fine if not blurry or unprofessional. Your brand is the most important thing to your business, make sure you treat it like that!

2. Create a CTA

A CTA is a “Call to Action”. An example of this might be adding a “comment below” or “tag a friend” in the caption of a post. This is helpful when trying to engage with your followers to increase your rate. If you create a CTA, it will make your follower think twice about whether or not they should engage with your post, rather than merely scrolling by.

3. Create relevant content

Are you a coffee shop? Post about coffee. Are you a hair salon? Post about hair. People decided to follow or like your page because of your business. They want to see content that is similar to your offerings and they especially want to see YOU! They want to see you and what your company and products are all about. Don’t be scared to showcase what you sell because that is who you are. It’s easy to fall into the trap of creating a feed that isn’t who you are or what you stand for.

Still need some help? We’d love to discuss how to help your pages grow! Maybe you already have great content but don’t understand why your ER is low. Contact us and we’d be happy to have a consulting session with you.

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