4 Ways to Be on Social Media as a Personal Care Business during COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted our way of life: relationships, schools, work environments, businesses, and much more, are changing by the day. Though almost all business has suffered due to shutdowns and social distancing, the pandemic has taken a serious toll on the personal care industry. From spas, to salons, to massage therapy we know that in order for your business to thrive it requires in-person interaction. As the owner or employee of a personal care business, you may think to yourself that your social media presence is less important right now. We are here to tell you that the opposite is true, it is actually more important right now. We have outlined four ways to maximize your business’ social media pages during this uncertain and ever-changing time.

1. Reintroduce yourself

Now is an excellent time to reintroduce yourself as a business owner and/or your team. Be sure to share your personal story as well as your business’ history and mission. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is spending more time online these days. Reintroducing yourself will make you pop to potential clients who will appreciate getting to know more about your business and your current clients will enjoy hearing from their favorite personal care professionals. Your social media channels provide the perfect outlet for you to do this.

2. Communicate clearly

Clear and up-to-date communication is necessary to keep your current and potential clients in the loop about your procedures if you’ve already re-opened or your procedures for re-opening if you are currently closed. You most likely have had to make changes to check-in, booking, waiting areas, service spaces, and more so be open and honest about what this new experience will be like for your clients. It is essential that you stay on top of your state government’s mandates and how they will impact your business operations. This will foster and build trust with your community. While emailing this information is advisable, your social media channels also provide an excellent platform to keep your clients in the know.

3. Find new ways to build connection

One of the most rewarding aspects of the personal care industry is the relationships that are formed between professionals and their clients. While your time in-person may be severely limited or non-existent, there are ways to continue to foster the bonds that you have with clients. On your social media pages, you can ask questions or create polls, host giveaways, share tips and tricks, set up question and answer forums, and much more. By channeling aspects of your in-person interactions onto social media, you allow clients the opportunity to interact with you in an authentic way.

4. Consider the possibilities of virtual services

You must assess what parts of your business can go virtual. This means offering general virtual classes, virtual consultations, virtual assessments for beauty, online makeup tutorials, virtual how-to courses, selling products online, and much more. Find what virtual options feel true to your brand, your business, and your clients, and run with it! You can use your social media pages to advertise these new virtual services and potentially host some of the services on your pages through Facebook Live and Instagram Live, for example. Additionally, you may consider starting a YouTube channel or trying a new social platform that you haven’t used before.

Now is the time to try new things and reassess how best to move forward for your business and clients. If you need help getting started please consider booking a free consultation with us.

Blossom Marketing is based out of Washington D.C.
Blossom specializes in social media services, email marketing, SEO, social media ads, and much more. Please reach out to us at info@blossomdigital.com for more information.



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