3 Reasons to Use Pinterest

With over 300 million active users per month, you should most definitely consider Pinterest for your digital marketing strategy. While most people think of Facebook and Instagram when they hear the words “social media” it is important to know that a more complete social media strategy includes and then goes beyond those two platforms. Pinterest is an excellent place to showcase your business in an efficient and effective way. Unlike on other social media platforms, Pinterest users are ready to take action. This means they are on the site and actively looking for advice, solutions, products, and/or services that they can purchase or use. While there are many reasons that Pinterest is an excellent digital marketing tool, we have highlighted three for you here. 

1. To increase website traffic

Pins on Pinterest must have a URL attached to them. This means if someone is intrigued by your pin they must then go to the site attached to it in order to get more information. Posting pins about your brand, your products/services, your blog, and much more lead to a noticeable increase in website traffic. An increase in website traffic gives you more data to reconfigure your digital marketing strategy. Pinterest users are likely to repin your content to their own boards and often take the next step to share it with others who they think will also enjoy it. The possibility for your pins to be repinned over and over is very high, especially because there is no “timeline” for them. For example, a pin from a few years ago can be continuously pinned in the present-day so long as users still find it relevant and helpful. Our clients frequently have website traffic from pins that are over two years old.

2. To promote content easily

Pinterest can be seen as a “high reward, low effort” strategy due to the ease of sharing your own content. Because pins must be tied to a URL you do not have to create new content. You do, of course, want to make sure your pins are branded, eye-catching, and professional but you will be using your already existing website pages, blog posts, and all other business-related links to create pins. You can, and should, create different boards to highlight different areas of your business to help those interested find your pins faster. Additionally, it is encouraged that you create multiple pins using the same URL. Pinterest is an easy way to get the word out about your business and what you have to offer.

3. To fulfill current and potential clients’ needs

Pinterest makes it easy to search for topics which means that people interested in your brand will be able to find you quickly. When creating content for Pinterest you want to make sure that it answers a question or solves a problem. As we stated before, most Pinterest users are looking for helpful information and/or tools so you want your pins to entice them to learn more. You also want to know what questions or problems your business can solve. So, for example, if you offer virtual workout programs you want your pins to showcase this so that anyone searching for an online workout will find your pin because it is fulfilling their need. If your pins are helpful and problem-solving then this will boost brand trust with current clients and will build brand awareness with potential clients.

If you are interested in adding Pinterest to your digital marketing strategy know that we are ready to help.

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